- psp vintage warmer 2 review


psp vintage warmer 2 review

PSP Vintage Warmer’s overload characteristics go someway, if not all the way, to emulate the saturation type effects that one would expect when recording to analogue tape. Kevin Morgan, Music Mart Magazine. I reach for [PSP VintageWarmer] a lot these days when I .

Jul 08,  · First, I am going to give a pretty rave review of PSP Vintage Warmer and Vintage Warmer 2 ("VM"). Then I am going to give a pretty rave review of PSP Oldtimer and sQuad EQ. I've been using VM since it first came out. Since then, I've used it on absolutely everything. I use it to track. I use it on the master. I use it on busses.

Nov 14,  · PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2 review It shouldn't be possible to improve on perfection, but PSP aren't about to let that deter them from delivering a successor to their classic plug-in 5/5.

Mar 01,  · Im sure we are all familiar with Audioware's PSP V-warmer plugin, but after listening to Ian Shepherd's podcast (which I recommend you all check out, regardless of your level of knowledge*), where in one episode he says that he is seeing an increase of mix engineers over using this plugin.