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Zuni fetishes are small carvings made from various materials by the Zuni eazye.info carvings have traditionally served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and depict animals and icons integral to their culture. As a form of contemporary Native American art, they are sold with secular intentions to .

The Zuni Indian Fetish must be taken care of and are given offerings of cornmeal and kept in special turquoise encrusted fetish pots or pouches. It is also believed that the care a Native American Fetish receives is directly proportional to the protection it will provide.

Kachina House offers a vast selection of Native American Zuni Carved Fetishes. These fetishes were carved into several different animals and supernatural spirits, each .

These are offerings to the fetish for gifts received or anticipated. Zuni Indians believe in the six cardinal guardian fetishes. Each guardian fetish guards one of the six directions: the mountain lion is the guardian of the North, the badger guards the South, the bear defends the .