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Mar 01,  · The reproductive role of the human male is to produce sperm and deliver them to the vagina of the female. Structure of male reproductive system. This function requires the following structures: Two testes that produce sperm and the male sex hormone, testosterone. Accessory glands and tubes that furnish a fluid for carrying the sperm to the penis.5/5.

Structure of a human sperm cell. The scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first person who described in detail the structure of a sperm cell in Although the parts of spermatozoa are more or less common in all mammal species—a head and a long tail—there are small differences between species, especially in the morphology of the eazye.info: Emilio Gómez Sánchez Bsc, Phd.

The sperm tail is a thin, elongated structure that makes up about 80 percent of the entire length of the sperm. While the tail may appear to be one long continuous structure, it is divided into several parts that include: Connecting piece – This is the part that connects the flagellum to the sperm head.

A mature human sperm cell has snake like eazye.info has following parts - head, neck, middle piece and tail. Head: It is spherical in shape consisting of large nucleus and a dome shaped acrosome present on the nucleus. Function: Nucleus contain genetic information and half number of chromosomes. The acrosome releases a hyaluronidase enzyme which destroys the hyaluronic acid of the ovum and.