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80 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair in long sexy hair styles

Mar 21,  · Long hair doesn't have to be a hassle—get inspired with these gorgeous styles seen on a myriad of celebs including Kim Kardashian, Camila Cabello, Constance Wu, Yara Shahidi, and The Editors.

Long styles are not always as varied as those for short or medium-length hair. However, options for long hair don’t need to just focus on layers. They can and should include color too! A toned look like this ombre is a great way to break up long locks. Try a dramatic shift of dark to light and watch sparks The Editors.

Long hairstyles for men can oftentimes be difficult to cut, style and pull off, but if you’re one of those guys with long hair who can rock the look, then these cool styles are perfect for you! Long haircuts for men include a variety of styles such as the undercut, man bun (or man ponytail), man braid, or [ ].

Short curls have a lot of style and are very feminine. If your hair is already short, you may want to grow it out some as curls decrease length. Long Gray Elegance. Very long gray hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for women over 50 if you still have the volume to pull it off. This is good for thick-haired women that love it long.