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Drab Majesty is an American, Los Angeles-based musical project, founded by musician Deb Demure (Andrew Clinco) while working as the drummer for the band Marriages, in The project's first record was the EP Unarian Dances, first self-released and then re-released in on Lolipop Darkwave, Dreampop, Shoegaze.

Went to my first Drab Drink on Thursday with good friend Silver. Was made so welcome by all those i chatted with,and its a really friendly event to attend,shift pattern willing i will be going next month. If anyone is thinking about going,i would just .

I never ever, ever, ever, meet Admirers whilst I am dressed in drab (as a man), as I do not want to meet a punter at a social or business function and be recognised. I will, and have met other Transvestites at their place though, and of course I have to go there in drab and dress at the venue.

May 21,  · / Serena’s Crossdressing Success Story – Exploring Crossdressing In Drab Vanessa Law, May 21, September 1, , Crossdressing Success Stories, 2 Crossdressing success stories are a look into the tribulations and elations shared by crossdressers who struggle with their dual Vanessa Law.