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Dec 23,  · While the technology behind sex-sorted semen is relatively new, the tool has become commonplace, particularly in dairy breeding. And as the process for sorting, processing and using sexed semen becomes more efficient, leaving a calf's sex up to .

"We are using sex-sorted semen on 50% of our heifers and on 20% of the cows. SexedULTRA 4M™ achieves the same or better average conception rate than conventional semen. We have used a bull like DETOUR in flushes and also for regular AI across the herd with great results ; 67% conception rate.

The use of sexed semen is estimated to increase the herd’s rate of genetic progress by % per year, compared to no use of sexed semen, which could gradually increase to 7% per year if sexed semen progressively becomes available for all elite A.I. sires, both young and progeny proven. Looking Ahead: Economic Benefits. We all want to make money.

Trans Ova Genetics helps clients shape a successful cattle production by offering sexed semen to produce calves of the desired gender from the desired breeding.