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24 Diagrams To Help You Have Better Sex. Understand consent, keep your penis safe, get it on while pregnant, and more. Posted on February 22, , GMT Carolyn Kylstra.

Apr 16,  · Last longer, have more fun, and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms with our sex position playbook. Some are more challenging than others, but they're all worth giving a shot.

Sep 18,  · Spooning after sex is one of the best parts about sex. So spooning during sex can only be awesome, which, spoiler alert, it is. Have her lie on her side while he lifts her top leg from Meagan Drillinger.

Cosmo Master Class: How To Have Sex 15 Tips for Unforgettable Hand Jobs. Yup, there’s such a thing as a mind-blowing HJ. By Carina Hsieh and Hannah Smothers.