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What to Do When Radiation Causes Skin Damage breast cancer radiation burns pictures

Oct 26,  · A breast cancer survivor has posted candid pictures of her chest following radiotherapy treatment to show the reality of living with the disease. Jenn Alter, from Saint Louis, Missouri, posted the Author: Alexandra Sims.

Oct 19,  · Topic: Severe radiation burns to the breast Forum: Radiation Therapy - Before, During, and After — I also had severe radiation burns - I ended up having to go into specialized Wound Care. I thought for sure I had cancer as the similarity was so close to pictures of untreated breast cancer and of Paget's Disease.

Oct 16,  · If your breast cancer treatment includes radiation therapy, you may notice sunburn-like skin changes in the treated area. Your skin may become red, irritated, dry, and more sensitive to touch. Here are a few things you can do during and after radiation treatment to .

Mar 05,  · The skin in the upper inner corner of your breast can get more red and/or irritated than other areas because: The angle of the radiation beam is parallel to the skin there, so the radiation skims across the skin (not just through it, as it does in other areas where the .