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How should I repair rotten load-bearing porch posts? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange rennovated columns rotting on bottoms

May 26,  · Unfortunately, because the posts are situated along the exterior perimeter of the porch, the wood is exposed to wind-driven rain and roof runoff or splash-up, resulting in rot at the base. Porch column rot is pretty common along the base and eventually becomes a home for carpenter ants.

Wood column installation, troubleshooting repairs: how to repair or replace a porch column. This article describes the inspection, repair, or installation of both round and square wood columns often used on porches and sometimes used in building interiors. Columns that split, lean, bend, sag or rot are often more than a cosmetic problem: often the column is also serving to support a porch roof.

The most common way to repair rotten wood columns is to use wood putty and touching up with paintable caulk. Before beginning this repair, though, be sure that you completely remove all of the rotten area within the column, otherwise the problem will resurface within a year a DIY Staff.

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