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Mar 23,  · Make sure to be unclothed before you do this. Keep a stack of pillows on your bed, and lay your bare ass on it. Your butt should be high in the air so it makes it easier for you to reach it without obstruction. Tie up you legs to something that wi.

How to Spank Your Kids the Right Way. By Hal Chaffee May 14, November 17, The point is that I give them a choice, and now they know (or are reminded) that choosing a spanking is not the best choice. I’ve never had to spank Halle again regarding picking up her toys. As a matter of fact.

Feb 21,  · Spanking A Guide to Cheeky Sex. Massage is a nice way to prime his (or your) butt pre-spank. Start by gently caressing his cheeks, and after a .

Spanking women from other positions can work, but none are nearly as accessible as when you’re behind them and their booty is raised in the air. This is the perfect time to spank her the right way. [Read: Why the doggie style may be the best sex position ever] #5 After you’ve talked about limits.