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Jan 25,  · Sims 4 Nude Mods & Skins - THE BEST NUDE MODS / SKINS. The very best Sims 4 Nude Skins/Mods in ! Get and Share your Explicit / Adult Skins and Mods here.

Oct 13,  · Below you can find the download to two skin packages for sims of all ages (teens, young adult, adult and old) - a shaved and a non-shaved version, the shaved version being the most up-to-date. All skins types are present so you still have the entire gamma ranging from muscular to emaciated. [Sims 4] - Majestic's Female Nude Skins Theme.

Sep 28,  · I've never really had that problem so I don't know if I could be of much help. What I understand from what you have said is that the "nude outfit" which is the outfit that sims change into while using the toilet or showering now has a swimsuit for the bottom instead of the nude bottom from nude clothing mods.

Nude Sims 3. Updated 4/01/ - new nude skins and meshes below. Contact me immediately if you have the knowledge on the working uncensor patches for the expansions and I'll give you credit. Thanks!