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Browse Kawasaki Z naked bike models from entry level to open class. Featuring sharp, minimalist bodywork and a unique riding experience that’s fun and exciting.

‘New school’ gets a new contender with the entry lightweight Kawasaki Z ABS motorcycle. A fiercely authentic supernaked, the Z ABS exudes fresh street style and is immediately recognizable in a crowd with its compact chassis and aggressive styling.

Jul 04,  · Kawasaki motorcycles include its Ninja family of sportbikes such as the Ninja ZXR and Ninja ZX-6R, the entry-level Ninja R, the Z streetbike, the Concours 14 sport touring motorcycle and Vulcan family cruisers such as the Vulcan Voyager. Kawasaki’s off-road motorcycles include.

Kawasaki needed to plug a hole in its super-naked lineup between the Z and the Z, so it cooked up the new Z ABS to do the job. Aggressive Kawi styling dominates the look, but not Author: TJ Hinton.