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Feb 12,  · But that's the difference between one night of mind blowing sex and a sexual soul mate — a soul mate can't be jinxed and the earth-shaking sex Author: Autumn Jones.

Meeting your soulmate is no common feeling and once you meet him or her, your guts, intuition and heart will simply experience the deep connection. As its said, ‘the heart wants what it wants’, and when it does it never hides away the feelings.

A sexual soulmate is someone who is on your same level sexually and doesn't compare to anybody else. Not sure if you've found yours? Here are 13 signs you're incredibly compatible in the eazye.info: Laura Lifshitz.

A fellow Libra is a great sexual soulmate because they'll be on hte same page when it comes to sex positions. As for Scorpio, the opposite planets that rule Libra and Scorpio make them sexual Author: Amanda Chatel.