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Aug 10,  · Fortunately, several treatments are available to relieve vaginal dryness. Causes Vaginal dryness is common symptom of menopause -- and close to one out of every three women deals with it .

Nov 27,  · Vaginal dryness is a common, often uncomfortable condition. Learn about possible causes and when to see a doctor.

Nov 27,  · Reduced estrogen levels are the main cause of vaginal dryness. Estrogen, a female hormone, helps keep vaginal tissue healthy by maintaining normal vaginal lubrication, tissue elasticity and acidity. Other causes of vaginal dryness include certain medical conditions or hygiene practices.

Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid that lubricates a woman's eazye.infol lubrication is always present, but production increases significantly near ovulation and during sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual eazye.infol dryness is the condition in which this lubrication is insufficient, and sometimes artificial lubricants are used to augment it.