US military practices landing A jets on highway for the first time since - Europe - Stripes - military landing strips american highways


The secret military airbases hidden around the world ready for use if war breaks out military landing strips american highways

A highway strip, road runway or road base is a section of a highway, motorway or other form of public road that is specially built to act as a runway for (mostly) military aircraft and to serve as an auxiliary military air runways allow military aircraft to continue operating even if their regular air bases, some of the most vulnerable targets in any war, are degraded or destroyed.

Were U.S. interstates really designed as runways? by Cherise Threewitt. The Defense Highway Act provided flight strips, mostly for military use, that were near highways. is, not for public commercial travel) runways all over the place that are a logical location for an emergency plane landing in a war or terrorist situation. Related Author: Cherise Threewitt.

As one of the components of the National Highway System, Interstate Highways improve the mobility of military troops to and from airports, seaports, rail terminals, and other military bases. Interstate Highways also connect to other roads that are a part of the Strategic Highway Network, a system of roads identified as critical to the U.S Formed: June 29,

Apr 17,  · The highways masquerading as secret military airfields. Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft landing on the Silver City Highway in NSW The country can also install arrestor strips on Author: Benedict Brook.