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So it doesn’t happen again: If a condom is leaking from the base it’s probably too big. This happens more often than one might think, as 35% of men require a smaller than standard condoms. Smaller condoms are rarely available at your local store but you can get them through websites like Lucky Bloke, Condomania, and Condom Jungle. By simply switching to a condom that fits properly you will avoid .

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Mendizabal on how to know if condom leaks: Condom failure is not common. Condoms fail only 2% of the time. A fresh condom properly used with water based lubricant will provide good protection. Check the expiration date before use. After intercourse you can inspect the condom for holes or tears.

The fact, however, that you had semen in the shaft of the condom is not so great- a tighter fit should have kept all the semen at the tip of the condom. It does sound like there could have been some leakage.

Oct 14,  · I think it's quite unlikely for semen to leak out of a condom unless it has been broken in some way by the user or expired. Condoms have a little space where the head of the penis would go in order to gather the semen and provide decent space for air.