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Gannon resigned from Talon News on February 8, Blade editor Chris Crain attracted his own criticism from many in the gay community for this decision, due to Gannon's criticism of the gay rights movement as well as his refusal to disclose his sexual orientation. He has said, "My personal life is a private matter, despite the fact that Education: West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Talon News is an American website which became newsworthy in January because alleged irregularities in the background of its chief correspondent, known as Jeff Gannon, came to, born James Dale Guckert, resigned from Talon on February 8, The Talon News website was shut down February 23, , but was later revived as a parody.

Apr 29,  · Wrong Man, Wrong Place. Skittish about covering Gannon’s gay demimonde and unsure of its relevance anyway, the mainstream media largely shied away from the .

Dec 25,  · Gannon resigned from Talon News on February 8, Continuing to use the name Gannon, he has since created his own official homepage and worked for a time as a columnist for the Washington Blade newspaper, where he confirmed he was gay after he was outed. Most recently, Gannon operated, a blog where he criticized those who exposed him, the "Old Media" and the "Angry Gay Occupation: Writer, Journalist, Author.