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12 rows · The crew of the Enola Gay. [back row (L-R) ] Major Ferebee, Captain Van Kirk, Colonel .

They were mission specialists rather than flight crew members. Crew Notes. Members of the Enola Gay crew had been on Tibbets's B crew in Europe: bombardier Ferebee (called by Tibbets "the best bombardier who ever looked through the eyepiece of a Norden bombsight") and navigator Van Kirk.

Apr 27,  · Hiroshima and Nagasaki Missions - Planes & Crews. History Page Type: Enola Gay was flown by a modified Crew B-9 for the Hiroshima mission and Crew B for the Nagasaki mission. families, service members, and more about their experiences in the Manhattan Project.

Jul 29,  · Theodore Van Kirk, last crew member of Enola Gay, dies in US aged 93 Van Kirk was the navigator of the Enola Gay, a B Superfortress aircraft that dropped “Little Boy” – the world’s Author: Associated Press in Atlanta.