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Today's Comic from Calvin and Hobbes Read Now. Best Of Kicking Off Football Season with Calvin and Hobbes The GoComics Team. August 27, Updated Today. You Might Also Like Heart of the City Mark Tatulli. More from Calvin and Hobbes. Best Of. Valentine's Day Downhill Disasters Bus Stop Musings Calvinball Bedtime Dinosaurs.

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Dec 28,  · The comic strip, written by Bill Watterson, debuted in and ran till This year marks 30 years since the strip stopped running. While it was before my time, Watterson created a series so timeless that even I, years later, enjoyed the comics as much as anybody would’ve while Calvin and Hobbes were still frolicking in the wonderful world of Gabriel Sylvester.

It explores the impact of Calvin and Hobbes. The normally reclusive Watterson does a lengthy interview in the book Exploring Calvin and Hobbes. He also did an audio interview for the comic strip documentary Stripped.