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Nov 20,  · The tradition of breaking a turkey wishbone started with the Pilgrims, and the actually term of a wishbone was created in United States in the mid s. A Wishbone Must Be Dried First If you try to crack apart a wishbone that’s just been taken off a raw or cooked bird, it won’t crack properly.

The wishbone in a turkey is the forked bone between the turkey's neck and breast. Its scientific name is the "furcula." This bone braces the bird's shoulders and helps connect muscles.

May 07,  · Remove the wishbone. This is done when the bird is raw – and once oven roasted, braised in a pot, or smoked, the breast can be sliced cleanly, in even slices. Removing the wishbone allows for even slicing of the breast of a chicken, turkey, or other eazye.info: Mike Quinn.

Even if you’re not superstitious, removing the wishbone makes carving your Thanksgiving turkey much easier. Without it in the way, cutting the breast becomes a much simpler process. Locate the bird’s chest. Lift the skin from the chest and cut into the meat. Poke around the area, searching for .