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there is a gooey discharge coming out of my newborn's vagina. it has the consistency of snot, help? I know and the white creamy/chalky stuff and to leave it, but no one said anything about this. If her vagina doesn't seem red, irritated, or swollen, it's really not an emergency and just leave a message for the nurse to call you at her.

Jan 02,  · White stuff in newborn girl's labia? (Tmi) Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by katrus78, Dec 27, katrus78 Mommy of 3. Joined: Jun 11, Messages: It's not the discharge since it is not near or around their vagina, it's inside the outer lips, and it's very very sticky, so not easy to wipe. I have tried to wipe it with the regular.

How do I clean the discharge in my newborns vagina? I have a 10 day old girl and she has some creamy discharge in her vagina. The Dr said this was normal, but I am not sure the best way to clean it (or if I should) without hurting her. white stuff" in her vagina and became very concerned when it wouldn't come off when cleaning her. the.

Feb 07,  · My newborn baby girl has a weird white substance inside her labial folds..? It's thick.. I guess almost like a solid substance. Am I supposed to clean this out or leave it there? She was born on Saturday. Is it going to go away? I searched online and couldn't really find eazye.infoers: 1.