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A breast cancer oncologist with over twenty years of active practice in the Philadelphia region, Dr. Weiss is regarded as a visionary advocate for her innovative and steadfast approach to informing, empowering, and treating patients with breast cancer.

Sep 26,  · Does eating microwave popcorn actually cause cancer and other health problems? Learn about the science behind these claims and how to safely enjoy this low-calorie, high-fiber eazye.info: Stephanie Watson.

You might have heard recently that microwave popcorn isn't safe because it contains chemicals that can increase your risk of cancer. The most common rumor is that it is associated with lung cancer, but in reality, there's no direct link. There is a minor link, however, between microwave popcorn and.

Funny that you mention popcorn, because I just had a big bowl! I was never much of a popcorn eater before but it seems like the last 6 months I've become one. My doctors told me I could eat whatever I felt like eating, and popcorn doesn't seem to bother me, which is great! Enjoy your popcorn!!!