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Sep 14,  · Breast milk banks are growing rapidly in South Africa, combating a climate where breastfeeding rates are low, formula is fashionable and a premature baby Author: David Smith.

Oct 30,  · 30 October Following a decision taken by Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi in to stop providing free formula milk to new mothers and to promote exclusive breastfeeding, the number of breast milk banks across the country has been increasing.

Apr 24,  · The South African Department of Health is currently developing regulations on milk banking. While some of the existing milk banks follow standards and guidelines set by the Human Milk Banking Association of South Africa, for processing and pasteurizing, others follow the SABR guidelines modelled on the NICE guidelines for human milk banking.

In South Africa alone, 8 in babies are born prematurely and 11 premature babies die from preventable infections and complications every year, at considerable cost to the healthcare system and with far-reaching implications for socio-economic development. Your support will help to .