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Jul 13,  · Objective To investigate whether exposure to spironolactone treatment affects the risk of incident breast cancer in women over 55 years of age. Design Retrospective, matched cohort study. Setting General Practice Research Database, a primary Cited by:

We conclude that associations observed with first use in the year immediately before cancer diagnosis were driven by reverse causality, i.e., because of treatment for symptoms related to the incipient cancer. With respect to breast, uterus, ovarian and cervical cancer, there is no evidence of increased risk with spironolactone or furosemide by:

Aug 09,  · The finding that exposure to spironolactone does not raise risk for breast cancer in women older than 55 is welcome, given that women who are prescribed spironolactone (most commonly for hypertension and heart failure) tend to be older — and Author: Paul S. Mueller, Facp.

Jul 31,  · Breast cancer is no longer listed as a possible side effect for Amlodipine, either, but I developed a second breast cancer after taking it. I have read that breast cancer is rising among men. Avastin was approved for metastatic breast cancer after a study I was asked to take part in, but declined.