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Dec 29,  · Every word that issues from Ed Rendell's mouth is designed solely for his political benefit or for the benefit of his Philadelphia buddies. People thought the city of Philadelphia made the unpopular decision to postpone the game so he's trying to get the point across that Philly had nothing to do with it.

So, ex-Philly mayor Ed Rendell (above) and current mayor Jim Kenney slapped around dumb-ass New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who over the past few days said .

Nov 04,  · Re: Ed Rendell is a scumbag Dumb fat fucker is more worried about the Eagles than he is running the state. I guess that is a good thing somewhat, keeps his attention on something other than fucking us over royally.

Dec 29,  · Rendell is a dumb fucking cunt only worried about Philadelphia and it's Unions. I truly pray that he develops a hemmerhoid that bursts and he bleeds to death from it.