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watch on top compass on bottom

at the top is the swiss army cross and a compass logo at the bottom, but the real compass is located in the case back. the beefy steel case is hinged to reveal the fully functional compass. to open the hinged back simply unscrew the lock down crown, grasp the band and push the case top upward.

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TOP OF PAGE In the table below we display instruments designed at the turn of the 20th c.: The first mention known of a compass on a watch appears in the patent no. filed on 25 Oct. by Léon LOTZ (2, rue Cambronne in Nantes) for a "new compass-watch".The first insrument built is probably the one of the French capt.

Apr 30,  · The compass rose resembles a flower and will usually have the letter N at the top point, representing north. Step 2: Match the compass with the map Align the direction you're facing with a.