- macroeconomic performance in asian countries


macroeconomic performance in asian countries

In this paper, the relationship between macroeconomic uncertainty and performance is investigated empirically with the use of a bivariate GARCH-M model for five Asian countries on which relatively long series on inflation and growth data are available.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Performance in Asian Countries * | We use a very general bivariate GARCH-M model and quarterly data for five Asian countries to test for.

The paper examines the impact of air-transport on national income of Asian countries, while considering the concerns which were previously overlooked in the empirical research. The hypothesis is HA, where there exists a long-run causal relationship be-tween air-transport and macroeconomic performance in .

PDF | On Oct 13, , Le Anhluyen and others published Measuring the Macroeconomic Performance among Developed Countries and Asian Developing Countries: Past, Present, and Future.