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What to Do if You Hate the Way His Semen Tastes how to dull the taste of cum

Oct 06,  · To dull your taste buds, try plugging your nose since this will allow you to avoid a large part of the flavor. If you’re in a public place and can’t pinch your nose, then exhale right before taking a bite or drink to avoid the taste%().

Jun 04,  · "Many women don't like semen because they say it tastes like moldy socks—or worse," says New York City-based sex therapist Stephen Snyder, eazye.info that aversion to semen's taste is Author: Zahra Barnes.

Oct 26,  · What Does Cum Taste Like When You Alter Diet? The age-old recommendation is that eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice will change the taste of his ejaculate to one that’s sweeter, and you might find that more enjoyable or, at the very least, less unpleasant.

Dec 15,  · Great answers here already, but just want to throw in my opinion. Because you know I have one. First things first, our goal is make your cum to taste decent. I say decent, not good, because, really, it’s not cotton candy or mint chocolate chip ice.