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Bahraini There are not many Middle East zombie films apart from this, a few from Israeli and one from Turkey. I wouldn't be surprised if the sub-genre takes off in this region (I'm surprised there haven't been more from Turkey) and, if so, I'll split these off from East and SE Asian films.

Aug 28,  · While this is the least ‘zombie’ of these zombie films on this list, Kung Fu Zombie is an unintentionally funny mash-up of s cult kung fu movies and the supernatural zombie genre, and another good example of the difference in tone and genre that only Asian Author: Anthony Pernicka.

While Asia is a relative newcomer to big-screen zombies (which date back over 80 years in America to the critically panned film White Zombie), it does have previous when it comes to undead-flavoured mayhem on the big screen. If Train to Busan has left you hungry for more Eastern-style flesh-eating flicks, here are three of the best to sink your teeth into.

Feb 17,  · Dans un royaume rongé par la corruption et la famine, un mystérieux fléau se propage et les morts se transforment en monstres. Le prince héritier, accusé de trahison mais prêt à tout pour.