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Jun 23,  · A growing share of migrants to Australia comes from Asian countries like China and India. It is striking however that only a small number come from Australia's nearest and very important Asian neighbor of Indonesia. Migration to Australia in the modern era started in , and was led by settlers from the United Kingdom.

People from Asian countries have comprised the bulk of permanent business migrants to Australia. People from Asian countries have also been disproportionately represented in the non-economic humanitarian and family reunion migration streams, at a time when the balance of the program is heavily tilted in favour of these categories, and when many.

30% of Asians in Australia go to university, 20% of all Australian doctors are Asian, and 37% of Asian Australians take part in some form of organised sport. [dubious – discuss] Second and third generation Chinese and Indian Australians are already present in large numbers.

Asian migration to Australia: food and health consequences. Wahlqvist ML(1). Author information: (1)Asia Pacific Health & Nutrition Centre, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Australia's food and health patterns are inextricably and increasingly linked with by: