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Food: This case displays the influence of Asian food on American culture. Clothing: This case is on traditional Asian attire. The characteristics of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ethnic dresses are shown from the books on the subject from the University of Miami Libraries’ collection. America Eats Out: An Illustrated History of.

• Asian American History Today Asian Americans are one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the country. About 15 million people of Asian descent live in the United States. But it’s only since the s that Asia’s influence, along with Asian-American demographic growth, began to take off on a massive scale, becoming.

A look at the long history of Asian Americans and its role in shaping US identity. The essay also looks at the push-pull factors that have helped define demographic trends in the United States to present day and also covers some darker periods of American history, including the Congressional.

Asian-American history is the history of ethnic and racial groups in the United States who are of Asian descent. Spickard () shows that "'Asian American' was an idea invented in the s to bring together Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Americans for strategic political purposes. Soon other Asian-origin groups, such as Korean, Vietnamese, Hmong, and South Asian Americans, were added.".