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American vs. European Options: What's the Difference? american asian option

An Asian option is an option type where the payoff depends on the average price of the underlying asset over a certain period of time as opposed to standard options (American and European) where.

Asian option. An Asian option (or average option) is an option where the payoff is not determined by the underlying price at maturity but by the average underlying price over some pre-set period of time. For example, an Asian call option might pay MAX(DAILY_AVERAGE_OVER_LAST_THREE_MONTHS(S) − K, .

American and European options have similar characteristics but the differences are important. For instance, owners of American-style options may exercise at any time before the option expires. On.

An Asian option is a path-dependent option with a payoff linked to the average value of the underlying asset during the life (or some part of the life) of the option.. Asian options are similar to lookback options in that there are two types of Asian options: fixed (average .