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Seven Steps to Slow Your Horse Down – Without Sacrificing Movement. by Dana Hokana | April 19th, she has had a lifelong love for horses. Dana has trained multiple Western Pleasure circuit champions, winners at major futurities, and horses who have placed in the top ten in Western Pleasure at both the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Western Pleasure This hot-topic class has its roots in form to function and way of going. Pros share their tips for proper Western pleasure training practices and thoughts on trends.

Dec 31,  · Judging a 'simple' class like Western pleasure is really quite complicated. In a Western pleasure competition, each horse and rider team performs three gaits going one way in the arena, then reverse and do the same three gaits the other way. At some point they will also be required to back up. The three gaits are walk, jog, and lope.

I hope these exercises add a little variety to your riding and training this winter. Stay tuned for more winter training tips. If you would like more information about visiting or riding at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch visit or call toll free at ()