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Why Does My Urine Split Into Two Streams? Why is it that when I pee, my urine divides into two streams? Two streams of urine during urination is a condition that many people experience. For some it happens quite occasionally, whereas for others it is almost a daily occurrence. The technical name for a urine stream that splits is Split Stream.

And, during urination, two streams of urine can be seen—one stream comes from the urethral opening, and the other comes from the abnormal passage between the urethra and penile skin (this is called the fistula). Another cause for the two streams is a birth defect known as urethral duplication.

Sep 02,  · Your pee slit is just stuck together a bit (probably with a little bit of your own semen that dried up in the tip of the hole). I'm certain it's not an STD, as there are no STD's that make you pee in two streams and I know that I pee in two streams when I ejaculat the night before but don't drain it all out before falling eazye.info: Resolved.

May 22,  · YOU ARE MOST LIKELY NORMAL. What is probably happening is that something is momentarily obstructing the outflow of urine out of your Urethral Meatus (the actual opening at the end of the penis) much in the same way that a thumb can partially obst.