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Relationships, love and sexuality: what the Filipino teens think and feel teens and parents in the philippines

Teenage pregnancy in the Philippines: A real mom’s story! Discovering that you are pregnant as a teen is a huge deal. The thing is, any girl, regardless of socioeconomic status, can become a teen mom. Marie (not her real name) was a year old college student when she discovered she was eazye.info: Patricia de Castro-Cuyugan.

In the Philippines, said May-i Fabros, Youth Commissioner of the Philippine Commission on Women, live births a day are registered under teenage mothers. “One out of three adolescents has sex, and the numbers are rising,” Fabros eazye.info: Donna Demetillo-Mendoza.

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I'm 21 so I sort of just finished being a teenager. Being a teen is different for everyone, so I'll highlight the "only-in-the-Philippines" things. The classic TAMBAY. This is the number-one top answer. Noun: It's what you call a person who just.