King Of Sweden Won't Hand Over To Daughter Despite Sex Party Claims - sex scandal and king of sweden


King's sexual proclivities confound even Swedes - Washington Times sex scandal and king of sweden

Nov 06,  · Swedes in shock at King Carl Gustaf sex scandal Sweden has been shocked by revelations about their quietly dignified King. Image 1 of 2.

Apr 11,  · STOCKHOLM — A sexual abuse and harassment scandal roiling the committee that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature deepened on Wednesday, as the king of Author: Christina Anderson.

Nov 08,  · To the world at large, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden is the ­perfect 21st-century ­monarch. A charming man of quiet ­dignity, loved by his people as an ordinary family man, his main hobby is Scouting.

Jun 13,  · The scandal deepened in May, when Anders Lettstrom, a friend of the king’s, was recorded talking to suspected mobsters about a payoff to Mille Markovic, a former owner of a sex .