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Best Remedies for Your Baby’s Constipation infant with red bottom and constipation

Check out these anti-constipation methods moms have used for eons to treat baby or infant constipation. Here are our top 10 ways to relieve baby constipation. FAQ | Use Vaseline to lubricate the tip of a rectal thermometer and insert it into your baby’s bottom. Very gently wiggle JUST the tip a few times before removing it.

Constipation: Infant. Constipation (con-sta-PA-shun) in infants less than one year of age is common, but it can be a source of concern for parents. Sometimes your baby is not really constipated, but must be given time to set his own schedule for having a bowel movement. Normally, an infant.

If you are a parent, you probably watch your baby’s every laugh, hiccup, and cry for clues about their well-being. Some signs of a problem, though, can be a little more difficult to detect Author: Kimberly Holland.

Constipation can cause stomach cramps, reduced appetite and irritability. See your doctor if simple diet changes aren’t helping, your child is in significant pain or if they are bleeding from their bottom. Constipation can usually be controlled with healthy bowel habits and medicines, as advised by a doctor. For more information.