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After Israel's withdrawal, the Palestinians were given control over the Gaza Strip, except for the borders, the airspace and the territorial waters. The area of the dismantled West Bank settlements remained part of Area C, (area under full Israeli civil and military control). On September 23, hours after rockets were shot into Israel, a Hamas.

In , after the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Gaza businessmen envisaged a "magnificent future". $ million was invested in an upscale restaurant, Roots, and plans were made to turn one of the Israeli settlements into a family resort. Following Hamas takeover (–present)Calling code: +

Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in August removing just under 8, Israeli citizens from their homes and causing Israel to suffer the unparalleled strategic disaster of a Hamas takeover.

Sep 12,  · Israel's Withdrawal from Gaza Israel finishes evacuating Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the West Bank in a little over a .