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Bulimia and Teenagers: Risks, Dangers, and Complications bulima and teen girls

Teen Bulimia Statistics - Facts and Causes of teen eating disorders such as teen bulimia. If you have a teenager or adolescent with an eating disorder such as bulimia - get treatment for the eating disorder today. Teen Bulimia Statistics, facts, and causes in this article.

Teenage bulimia is found to be one of the more common of the teenage eating disorders and causes a significant amount of damage to the body. It can lead to death. This eating disorder also causes emotional and psychological damage to, not only the victim, but to family and friends.

Bulimia Is a Serious Problem. Perhaps the most dangerous characteristic of this deadly eating disorder is how often it is underestimated. Many people may assume that since their teenager is experiencing the transition of puberty and often exploring new things in this phase of their life, abnormal behaviors with food may be justified.

Jul 26,  · It may be hard to face the signs of bulimia in your teen, but it's important to be vigilant in ensuring your child's eating patterns are normal. It may be helpful for you and your teen to talk with your teen's primary care physician about eating disorders, the signs you may be .