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young adult literature in the classroom

Young Adult Literature in the Classroom--Or Is It? Young Adult Literature in the Classroom-Or Is It? John H. Bushman English Journal. March, Much has been written in the past few years about the importance of meeting the reading needs, interests, and abilities of .

Feb 01,  · Like many teachers of grades 6 , you may be asking ''Should I use young adult literature in my classroom? And how?'' This new volume answers both questions by explaining how YA literature promotes learning across cultures, genres, disciplines, and grade levels, and by giving practical lessons and teaching eazye.info by:

What's the Big Idea? Integrating Young Adult Literature in the Middle School By: Marshall A. George. Drawing on New York City teachers' experiences, this article examines three ways to effectively integrate young adult literature into the curriculum: use core texts (usually novels, but also other genres as well) that the entire class read and study together; organize literature study with text.

Jan 04,  · Bushman, a frequent contributor to national journals in English education, has written three books in addition to "Using Young Adult Literature in the English Classroom" (with Kay parks Haas): "The Teaching of Writing, Teaching the English Language," and "Teaching English Creatively" (also with Kay Parks Haas).Cited by: