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One Purbac Adult tablet every 12 hours after meals. Adults and Children over 12 Years: The usual dose is two Purbac Adult Tablets or one Purbac D.S. tablet every 12 hours after meals. The maximum dose (for particularly severe cases) is three Purbac Adult tablets .

Question Posted by: Angie | /03/13 P urbac Adult Tablet. Good Day Please kindly advise whether weight gain is a side effect of the purbac tablet. I have been perscribed this tab for acne but.

You have Penicillin V tablet and mg and Amoxicillin tablet // mg under various brand names in the market. Like Kaypen and Mox respectively in India, for example.

Question Posted by: Chris | /08/03 P URBAC double strength. Hi Doc, I just got prescribed an antibiotic called purbac d.s for my sinus infection. My doc told me to take ONE tablet everyday for.