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Corneal penetration and penetration of the ocular-blood barrier is generally poor because of poor solubility. Erythromycin ointment is well tolerated and commonly used for blepharitis for its gram-positive coverage. Newer macrolides can reach higher tissue levels, adding efficacy against intracellular pathogens such as Mycobacteria and Chlamydia.

Apr 01,  · However, when cyclosporine A eye drops in absolute alcohol are used, high levels of the drug are also found in intraocular tissues. Thus, in the intact eye, the cornea and conjunctiva on the one hand and the blood retinal barrier on the other hand prevent the intraocular penetration of cyclosporine eazye.info by:

May 01,  · Ocular drug delivery has been a major challenge to pharmacologists and drug delivery scientists due to its unique anatomy and physiology. Static barriers (different layers of cornea, sclera, and retina including blood aqueous and blood–retinal barriers), dynamic barriers (choroidal and conjunctival blood flow, lymphatic clearance, and tear dilution), and efflux pumps in conjunction pose a Cited by: