Acupressure Points for Healthy Skin - Facial Acupressure Treatment - facial pressure point chart


Face Reflexology Chart with instructions facial pressure point chart

This is very similar to the Hand Reflexology Technique, a gentler version (this is described again on the face reflexology chart key below) Step 1. Index finger. 1a. using one finger or thumb apply firm pressure on a face reflex point.

The pressure point located a centimeter below the lower ridge of the eye socket will help in reducing blemishes. It should be right below the iris and near the cheek bone. Press this pressure point on both the sides of your face. Place your index fingers and press this point for at least 60 seconds.

Pro Tip: Place a few drops of facial oil into palms and inhale for aromatherapy benefits before the pressure point massage. For aging/lackluster skin, use geranium, rosewood and orange. For congested/acne breakout-prone skin, try ylang ylang, lavender and sensitive skin, choose lavender, sandalwood and geranium.

You can incorporate pressure points at any time, with any facial. For example, if I cannot perform a massage due to red and irritated skin (roseacea, acne or post exfoliation treatment), I simply perform the main 15 points on the face.