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Jul 14,  · Success rate in use of adult stem cells 'staggering' As adult stem cell treatments gain credibility in science journals, insurance companies increasingly are covering the procedures, Prentice.

Adult Stem Cell Success Story - Spinal Cord Injury StemCellResearchFacts revisited Laura 7 years after telling her story in Her life has changed dramatically since having an adult stem cell transplant. Here's the story of how she continues to recover and build a new life while inspiring others. Click here to play updated story.

Inspiring Stories of Lives Saved by Adult Stem Cells. Stem cell research and treatments represent perhaps mankind's greatest opportunity to fulfill that ancient call to "heal the sick," relieve suffering, and improve the quality of life for untold millions of people.

The CIRM Stem Cell Four At our CIRM December Board meeting, we invited four people to speak about their experience participating in CIRM-funded stem cell clinical trials. Their stories are inspiring and remind us that the ultimate goal of funding stem cell research is to find treatments that can cure patients with unmet medical needs.