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Adult Sailing Programs – Clearwater Community Sailing Association adult sailing programs

Purchase a 4-class punch card to use for any of our Adult Sailing Classes. Once you purchase your first class to attend, we will send you a code to redeem on your next 3 classes. The Adult Advanced Sailing Class is the next step for those that have taken the Adult .

It’s never too late to learn how to sail. Whether you sailed as a child or always wish you had, our adult instructional sailing programs can get you out on the water and operating a sailboat with confidence in no time. We offer a variety of boats, instruction levels, and class times to fit your preferences and schedule – no more excuses!

CGSCIC Instructors and Coaches are Certified by the US Sailing Association. The US Sailing Association represents the highest level of professionalism and integrity in the sport of sailing. At Coconut Grove Sailing Club, we are very proud of our affiliation with the US Sailing Association and the level of quality it brings to our programs.

ADULT SAILING LESSONS START JULY 1st, and run through August 15th About. This summer we will once again be offering adult sailing lessons. We will be offering group or private lessons. These classes are a fun, social activity to do with friends or family throughout the summer. Sailing is a multi-generational sport that can be enjoyed.