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Labrador Puppy Training Tips (How to Train Dogs Guide ) adult labrador training

Proper training is an essential part of owning a Labrador retriever. These smart dogs can be trained to be service dogs, hunters, and excellent companions. SHARE PIN EMAIL.

Essentially your Labrador can only become what you train them to be, so training must be seen as a part of your every day lives together and the process through which you guide your dog to live a happy, safe and fulfilling life.

Oct 24,  · Try clicker training. Click training enables the immediate delivery of positive reinforcement. Labradors are highly trainable because they are so food motivated, which makes clicker training ideal for them. Clicker training uses a sound—a click—to tell the dog 50%(2).

Jan 28,  · Obedience training makes you a proud Labrador owner A disobedient dog is embarrassing and most importantly is not a welcome guest. Obedience training means that you can take your dog to many more places and give him much more freedom. So, the bottom line is: an obedient dog is a happier Pippa Mattinson.