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Born to Die Chapter 7: I Could Never Say Goodbye – Enya, a true blood fanfic | FanFiction adult fanfiction enya the gift story

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o. o. o. o. o. o. EnderHeart's Home for Story Ideas that may or may not be Written. you are walking through a forest trail, going deeper into the woods. having no idea for how long or how you got there in the first place. all you remember is a curiosity within your heart, a semblance of interest of what lies at the end of the beaten path you are taking.

But know this, my dear cousin," Breandan warned, a threat evident in his tone, "My scry will never cease its search for halflings, and I don't believe in mercy. So keep your dick in your pants, if you catch my drift. Because while Lochlan and Neave would just adore having a new plaything, I suspect you would prefer not to gift them one.