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If you become acutely ill while in college, you might need to take time out to seek treatment and stability. Chances are you will be able to continue your education once the condition is well controlled. While the onset of a mental illness can be dismaying, don't feel ashamed; seek help. Mental illnesses are treatable and recovery is the norm.

Continuing Education that is Nationally Approved. Affordable CE Hours! Quantum Units Continuing Education offers Continuing Education CE Hours for licensed and certified professionals. CE Hours are approved for: Identify practical strategies to eliminate stigma and discrimination toward older adults with mental illness.

The spree killer, whether or not impacted by mentally illness, is a considerable scourge upon society. Factors like easy access to guns by dangerous mentally ill, inadequate commitment laws,the inability to predict dangerous behavior, and media frenzy, contribute to an increasing death toll.

NAMI and the Hospital Corporation of America have collaborated together to create Competent Caring: When Mental Illness Becomes a Traumatic Event, an educational video/DVD for continuing education training for health care staff. The DVD highlights the experience of a person with a mental health condition, as well as the staff response when he seeks treatment for a mental health crisis in an .