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Most teachers love to teach adult beginners Ballet. As a result, there are many, many excellent classes for adults out there. And it is one of the best exercises ever. Get your dancing slippers on and give it a try.

Our adult ballet classes are suitable for all levels of experience and are an inspiring way to develop strength, flexibility and coordination. At our Ballet School, .

An adult beginners Ballet class can be a very gentle dance lesson, calm and slow, easy to follow with everything explained in a lot of detail. Or, at the other end of the scale, it can be haphazard, confrontational and downright unpleasant. This is where you learn how to distinguish one Ballet class from the other and find one that's right for you.

Adult classes offer the art of dance for beginners through advanced levels. Classes promote technique, fitness and self-confidence for women and men. Classes can be taken on a “drop-in” basis without commitment or pre-registration - just show up a few minutes early to check-in. What to Wear: Any type of dancewear or tighter-fitting workout.