Easy Things Like Cardistry And Slimming Down

Is it easy to do cardistry?

Is it easy to lose weight quickly?

If you do manage to track down this video because you think origami is actually easy, you will be surprised to find it is actually quite hard.

[Come Dimagrire]

[Schnell Abnehmen]

[Perdre du poids]

Is there anything better than cardistry? Yes..But cardistry is amazing.

Welcome to my new Easy website where everything is easy. Is it easy to build your own car including a steering wheel?

No it’s not.

Is it easier to fly a drone?

Is cardistry easy? Is sleight of hand easy?

No they’re not.

Yes it is.

Is it easy to fly a 747 aeroplane while balancing a martini on your skull?

No it is not.

Is it easy to drive a car up to a stop light and stop on the red

Come Fare per Dimagrire?

light before you turn left?


Is is it easy to make spaghetti bolognese?

Yes it is if you are a cook or an Italian.

Is it easy to build your own telephone pole and electrical wiring through your city?

No, that’s very difficult.

Many things are easy and many things are difficult.

It’s as easy as that.

Is it easy to beat Muhammad Ali in a boxing match?

Yes it was in the last year’s of his life… but why would you want to beat Muhammad Ali up anyway?

Why are you having a fight in the first place? Can’t you settle your differences some other way?

Is it easy to drive through the Northwest of Sydney and keep your car in the correct lane ?

Weight loss for Italians

too far to the left or to the right.

Yes it is.

Lanes around the world are marked in white so that you don’t stray

Keep your car in the centre of the lane and everything is easy.

So many things are easy.

Buy a dog and take him for a walk. It’s easy.

No it’s not expensive to buy a dog if you’ve got the money.

Is it easy to drive through the countryside and avoid moths hitting your car windscreen?

No it’s not. For some reason there are moths all over the place and they always end up on your windscreen and you turn on your windscreen wiper blades, which is easy to do, and then suddenly more moths come along and make an even bigger mess on your windscreen.

It’s a very sad situation and I love it.

Is it easy to go to the south west of Sydney and buy some real estate?

Yes it is.

There are many fantastic real estate agents all over Sydney.

Is it easy to get your metabolism (stoffwechsel) back so that your body burns through food quicker than it does now and so that you end up losing some weight?

Will that help?

What can you put ain the water to make this happen even easier? A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Excellent.

It’s cheap and everyone can do it.